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About Lina

Lina Warner, Health, Wellness, and Life Coach. Certified with The International Coaching Federation. She has extensive experience and practice in the field of improving health by developing healthy habits. She helps tackle hard goals and stay motivated. Her own experiences while raising a family and living a busy life brought her into the coaching profession, and it's the best decision she has ever made.


It changed her life for the better, and she knows she can do the same for you. If you're struggling in everyday life with yourself or others. She provides the tools and aids on the transformation you need to reach your full potential and maximize your personal or professional relationships. She will help you find balance, joy, and fulfillment. Together, you and she will set up the system for success, and she will bring the accountability you need in order to take control of your life and your goals.

Why Coaching

Coaching is a way to reach a better level of well-being and balance between work and life. Coaching elicits inspiration, motivation, brings visioning, goal setting, and focus on habit change while supporting and holding the client accountable.

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