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Be your best self 

Super Health Food
Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

This program is designed to bring the right system, support, and accountability to create a more beautiful, healthier, and balanced mind and body.  For 90 days or 12 weeks, we come together to set the goals and take the necessary action steps to keep us going by making changes and improving our health habits. once the system is set up, Lina brings the motivation and the support to help you achieve your goal

Individual Life Coaching Sessions

This program will help you bring clarity and encourage making the necessary changes to improve your goals through following a sequence of questions and bring the necessary discernment that will take you to follow the steps you need in order to accomplish your goals. 

Senior Couple Doing Yoga
Virtual Team Meeting
Group Sessions

Group Sessions consist of individuals with about the same goals on their health path to attain better physical routines and nutritional goals. When goals are set for each client the group would work together at holding each other accountable and supporting each other bringing motivation and encouragement.

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